About us

WSCRoute – Famous women in science and culture: experience design through joint cultural tourism route and product development in Serbia-Hungary cross-border region


Partners and budget:

  • Museum of the City of Novi Sad (219,946.00 euros)
  • Reök Museum, Szeged (134,800.00 euros)
  • Eurotender, Szeged (56,810.00 euros)
  • Total budget: 411,355.00 euros

Project’s main objective:

Strengthening and diversifying the cross-border tourist offer of Hungary and Serbia through the creation of a joint cultural and tourist route that will increase the number of visitors, improve the tourist experience and promote cultural heritage related to famous women in science and culture

Main goals and tasks of the project:

Task 1: Strategic document Cultural-tourist routes “Famous women in culture and science (defining the concept of the route, management and marketing model)

Task 2: A multimedia high-tech interactive holographic exhibition that promotes the life and work of famous Serbian and Hungarian women in culture and science

Task 3: A mobile application providing interesting information about important women in selected places on the route, where visitors will have the opportunity to hear stories about their lives and achievements (attractions and geolocations will be linked to stories)

Task 4: Platform for branding women in culture and science – an online platform for digital storytelling, which will promote all the places and attractions on the route, with the stories of famous women and their achievements.

Project Results: Outcomes

  1. Conducted studies on famous women in culture and science in Serbia and Hungary
  2. Strategic document Cultural and tourist routes “Famous women in culture and science” created
  3. Branding platform for cultural and tourist route “Famous women in culture and science” created